Hello Chem Students!

Here you will find the Warm-Ups for Chemistry and Chem Comm.  Complete these during the first five minutes of class (or so) as part of your daily notes.  Please keep them in your notebook/binder so you can find them.  A suggested format to use is listed below:

  1. Write your name (at the top right of the page only).
  2. Include the Date and Period (keep adding dates for each Warm-Up).
  3. Paraphrase the Questions/Problems (to help review later).
  4. Answer them showing all work.
  5. Leave space between questions to allow for extra notes during discussion.
  6. Highlight any question(s) that you need help or further review.

Warm-Up – 8/18/17

  1. What do you think Mr. Leal’s number 1 safety rule is?
  2. Describe 3 lab safety rules and why they are important.
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