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Warm Up – 10/31- 11/1/16

Write the formulas for the following: Sodium Sulfide Calcium Nitride Copper(II) Chloride Potassium Phosphide Open the Common Ion Chart and write the names and formulas of 5 polyatomic ions. Describe at least 2 patterns/trends you see on the Polyatomic ion … Continue reading

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Warm Up – 10/26-27/16

Fill out the table below: Atom       Metal/NonMetal      Ion Symbol      Ion Name K B Se Ba I

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Warm Up 10/20-21/16

Write the symbol of 2 elements from the following: Metalloids Inner-Transition Metals Alkali Metals Halogens Non-metals Transition Metals What is the definition of Atomic Radius?

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Warm Up – 10/3-4/16

A) Write the electron configuration for the following: Oxygen Strontium Bromine Copper B) If the wavelength of yellow light is 565 nm, determine the frequency. (hint: 1 m = 1 x 109 nm)

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