Chem Comm Warm Up / Review – 2/14/18

  1. Define Boyle’s, Charles’, and the Ideal Gas Law.
  2. What is held constant in Boyle’s Law?
  3. Make a graph for both Boyle’s and Charles’ Law labeling both axes.
  4. Write the statements of the Kinetic Molecular Theory. (Look here).
  5. A ball has a volume of 2.9 L and temperature of 47 C.  If the ball is put into the freezer where the temperature is -4 C, what will be the new volume?
  6. What is the temperature of 2.5 moles of He gas in a 15 L container at 0.85 atm pressure?
  7. A 4.65 L balloon at 1.5 atm pressure with a temperature of 298 K is taken to a pressure of 5.6 atm pressure.  What is the new volume?
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