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AP Chemistry Home
AP Chemistry Home

Welcome to AP Chemistry.  This is a year-long course that studies the interactions of "Stuff!" Pre-requisites include successful completion of Chemistry with a B or better or Honors Chemistry with a C or better.  We will be building off concepts studied in Chemistry / Chemistry Honors so students may wish to refer back to those pages of the website for refreshers.

AP Chemistry is a second-year chemistry class that is the equivalent of a first year College Chemistry course. It will be treated like a college course with an expectation of 3 hours of outside class time for every 1 hour in class.  A good expectation is 9-10 hours per week of outside class time (homework, lab prep/write-ups, reading/questions, etc...).  In-class time will focus on Laboratory experiments, whether it is the preparations, performing, or discussions.  Students will be preparing to take the AP Chemistry Exam in May.  Successful completion of this class and passing the AP Exam will help students be prepared for college level science work.

You will find resources to the left such as the
AP Calendar and AP Powerpoints.  Reference these throughout the course to find all of the critical information for the class.  Here is a link to the current course outline:
AP Chemistry Course Outline.

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