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 Honors Chemistry Home

Welcome to Honors Chemistry.  This is a year-long course that studies the interactions of "Stuff!" Pre-requisites include successful completion of Algebra 1 and Biology with a B or better.  For those who have found my website, you can prepare for the upcoming year by printing the Summer Assignment and beginning it after June 10th This assignment uses CourseSites website and will have postings during the summer so you will need to check this regularly. I will not be available to answer questions during the summer.  Please do your best on these assignments. We will review them during the first week of school.

Honors Chemistry is faster paced and expects students to be able to go deeper into each unit.  Honors Chemistry fulfills University of California requirements for a laboratory science. At Santa Clara High, we recommend taking Honors Chemistry to increase and develop your scientific skills at a challenging pace.

You will find similar resources to the left such as the
Honors Calendar and Honors Powerpoints.  Reference these throughout the course to find all of the critical information for the class.  Also, above you will find the Warm-Ups from our classes for your reference.  Here is the current course outline:
Honors Course Outline


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